All Hands to the Pumps

Further adventures of the narrowboat Hagley, featuring the Australian Toe-Jack Gnomes, Badass the Cat, and a delicate berry creosote coulis.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cabin frames

We've had a few good sessions working on Hagley recently, which is good as we failed to get down to the boat yard as much as we'd have liked over the summer.

Since the last blog update we have done quite a bit of work on the rear cabin frames - shaping them to take the T&G / ply cabin cladding. This involved much work with the power plane and belt sander.

Having got the rear cabin frames ready, we decided that we really ought to take the three metal frames for the front cabin that we had made last year and fit them. These frames are made from 4"x2" u-channel steel and are designed to prevent the boat from spreading in lieu of the more traditional chains. We wanted to avoid using chains as they didn't really fit in with our cabin design. A few 10mm drill holes (and one Performance Power drill) later we have three fitted frames:

More photos, including the obligatory homage to Badass, on Flickr.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

This weekend

(Andrew, Ben, Richard.)

We erected the rearmost cabin frame, and the third from the stern.

The third-from-the-stern had a slight 'bump' in that, first time round, we cut the keyway in the top on the wrong side. So we had to start again, scraping out another block of 3in timber from our last plank. But eventually it fitted.

The boat is hardly taking on any water at the moment, which is excellent news. We already know there's a bit coming in past the stern tube (which hasn't been greased in ages) and behind a couple of the metal knees. Yet the boat didn't need pumping at all today, and only at the end of the day yesterday.

None of our power tools broke. We are much in awe of John's Big Angle Grinder which was absolutely spot on for 'unlocking' the permanently-shut padlock on the boatyard gate.

Another boat, Aberystwyth, has arrived at the yard. Aberystwyth was built after the war (with Bangor) by Walkers for BWB, almost as a curious end-of-line Ricky. She was burnt out last year (see here).

Bad Ass was much in evidence. He appears to think the new cabin frames have been especially installed so that he can climb them. He may be right.